“My life and my family are forever changed…”

My wife and I are from Florida, and we have a family of five, with three kids in middle and high school. I have never made much more than $4000 a month, I took a chance and emptied all my savings to buy $16,000 worth of ETH in 2020, which then turned into $75,000 recently in 2021.

Then I decided to move all of it into your ETH Pool and now I am making around $7,000 in USDC per month that I have chosen to re-stake! My life and my family are forever changed and I am EXTREMELY happy and thankful to you Verlin, the Ruby Family and SCS. C.L., TN, USA

“TRULY a new sustainable system…”

One of the biggest ministries in the world planted over 20,000 churches in Africa. Two of the ministry leaders are now in the Liquidity Pool. Through these two we have many missionaries in the Pool and very soon, their donors, and quickly next, thousands of missionaries!

This is TRULY a new sustainable system for God’s people, and WE get to help facilitate that…have never been so honored and humbled. J.R.B. TN, USA

“This will help fund some of their projects…”

I am an LP and a missionary, and plan to share with the local church here in The Netherlands how this will help fund some of their projects. We can even introduce some other fellow missionaries so they can utilize it to complement their current support and donations from back home…. E.L., Netherlands

“Cryptocurrency can be a substantial hedge against volatility…”

Cryptocurrency can be a substantial hedge against volatility and tool for the persecuted church. Many countries can be so volatile, their governments condoning the persecution against Christians and others. Crypto behaves as a global asset that grants them access to the economic and social marketplace.

Churches have a unique role to play in sowing into liquidity pools as a source of wealth creation and preservation, while shaping the future of the crypto market at large. We need to identify prospective partners to begin piloting these ideas and experimenting with them in practice.
C.M. Ph.D. Economics, DC, USA

“So far my experience has been excellent…”

So far my experience with SCS has been excellent with regard to regular payout performance in the liquidity pool, and in my case, I am looking to let all of this accrue over a number of years.

I’m excited about the prospect of the performance over time so that I can give a great deal of the growth through a trust to causes that are on God’s heart. Those are undetermined as of yet, but one thing I’m asking Him about is helping people in El Salvador where I have ministered in the past, and who now have a crypto framework in the country. It will be very exciting to carry God’s love through any means including this liquidity pool. J.G. IN, USA

“House of Prayer…”

We are a group of devout Christians who believe the power of prayer can change or city. We were about to lose our beautiful property unless we could come up with a down payment on the 1.2 million purchase. We would have lost it to a different owner had it not been for the timing of your Liquidity Pool. If our entire group hadn’t joined the Liquidity Pool, we would not have been able to start receiving donations in ETH.

Since then, we were successful in purchasing the land and going under contract. God’s provision through your Liquidity Pool and generous donors will enable us to continue to afford the property. Our team is praying daily for Verlin and the Ruby Family Foundation. Thank you for helping us establish a permanent House of Prayer. TN, USA

“Help…by funding scholarships…”

I am very happy so far, and plan to increase my stake in early 2022. My plans are to use a portion of the returns to help fund Kingdom-based projects, primarily working with at-risk youth here in Chicago, by funding scholarships and working with mentoring programs. G.K. IL, USA

“The provision provided by the liquidity pool system is very much God’s money…”

For my wife and I, the provision provided by the liquidity pool is God’s money and this sobers us to the fact that we want to be very intentional with the profits made from participating as a liquidity pool partner. We plan to reinvest 100% each week/month for at least four years (and longer if possible). With the wealth that this will generate we plan to remain missionaries but without the need for financial supporters.

This will free us up to participate in ministries and church planting movements we may otherwise not be as financially free to engage with. In addition, we have always dreamed of being able to sponsor missionaries to attend re-acculturation type centers/ministries when they return from the mission field. These types of programs are very expensive, and we are excited to sponsor returning Cambodian missionaries as they readjust to their home country. We have dreams of purchasing houses and cars that can be used as furlough homes and care for missionaries in need.

As Christian missionaries here in Cambodia for many years now, we have learned many valuable lessons on where money is best used to advance the Kingdom of God without crippling people or making them overly dependent the local church. One of those ways is by funding Christian social work ministries that take a comprehensive approach to anti-trafficking work.

These ministries employ and train many local Christians who can in turn support, rather than taking from the church. Local jobs can then become available in nursing, social work. counseling, facilities coordinators, vocational trainers, career counselors, etc. All the while rescuing, rehabilitating, training, and ministering to young men and women who become very responsive to the Gospel. It’s beautiful work when done well and we have plans to support and work alongside these ministries for years to come. B.L.B., Cambodia

“The debt has let us feeling somewhat hopeless…”

I want you to know how grateful we are, gifting us with the opportunity to partner with the vision of SCS to help women and children in need. Our family has had ongoing medical debt since 2001.

The debt has let us feeling somewhat hopeless about ever getting caught up. We would like to use our earnings to pay off this burden of debt. Finance and investments are not our area of expertise, so I am grateful that we can trust SCS. Thank you to SCS for doing this… C.J.L., SD, USA

“A realistic path toward achieving this goal…”

As an executive director for two small non-profit organizations, I am excited to participate as a liquidity pool partner. For many years now, I have dedicated my time, talent, and treasure to fulfill our charity’s mission. Operationally, we have been quite successful helping to release over 50 prisoners of conscience in the Middle East and Africa, and most notably contributed to ending the Darfur genocide.

To feel even more completed in this work, my hope is to one day self-fund a true endowment so our impact may continue indefinitely. Participating as a liquidity partner has provided me with a realistic path toward achieving this goal. G.W., NC, USA

“This opportunity was a lifesaving one…”

The LP opportunity could not have come at a better time and is an answer to prayer. I have tried as best as I can to be obedient to the Lord and have spent six years in ministry in Czechia and Slovakia without support from any organization or church since God gave us a National Ministry that needed to be above denominational boundaries.

I had reached a point where all my resources had been depleted, lost a consulting job in the US and all my investments frozen because of COVID. I was for the first time in my life unable to meet my monthly expenses.

This opportunity was a lifesaving one as I am now able to cover my own weekly expenses but also have been able to recommend it to many Kingdom-minded friends who are benefiting from it in their lives and the various ministries they are involved in. I pray God will richly bless you for what you are doing to advance His Kingdom. R.G. , SC, USA

“Over 40 ministries with an endowment of ETH…”

We are now supporting and funding over 40 ministries with an endowment of ETH. This liquidity pool has the potential to fund hundreds of ministries, missionaries, charitable endeavors and business projects. We are referring as many people as will listen to us: What can be a more noble cause than to use wealth to serve the world with God’s love? C.N.C. Senior Liquidity Partner, TX, USA

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